What are vulcanizing agents?

Vulcanization is a cross linking process in which individual molecules of rubber are converted to three dimensional networks of interconnected chains through chemical cross links.

Cross linking agents include elemental sulfur, Selenium, tellurium, Sulfur compounds, Peroxides, amine compounds etc.

What is an accelerator?

It is a chemical that is used in rubber compounds to increase the speed of vulcanization and allow vulcanization to proceed at lower temperature with great efficiency. Accelerator also decreases the number of Sulphur necessary for vulcanization and improves the aged properties of the rubber product.

We are supplying a range of Accelerators for your different applications

Accelerators Chemical Group Vulcanization speed
HMT Aldehyde Amine Slow
DPG, DOTG Guanidine Slow
MBT, MBTS, ZMBT Thiazole Semi ultra-fast
ZBDP Thiophosphate Ultra-fast
CBS, TBBS, MBS, DCBS Sulfenamides Fast Delayed action
ETU, DPTU, DETU Thiourea Ultra- fast
TMTM, TMTD, DPTT, TBzTD, TBTD, TETD Thiuram Ultra-fast
ZDMC, ZDEC, ZDBC, ZDEC Dithiocarbamate Ultra-fast