To provide better customer satisfaction through closer engagement, NEOChem is targeting our island wide clientele through different Sales , Marketing & Technical teams demarcated for the industries of Personal care and Fragrance, Food and Polymer.

Our Sales & Technical Force consists of industry professionals who have gained broad experience through foreign training and who have expertise in the art of selling. They always believe that the customer is the bloodline of the organization and give their maximum to deliver a best of class service.

Even after the delivery of our clients’ requirements this same team of experts remain in constant communication with the respective personnel to provide after sales support, as the positive post purchase dissonance is more important for us at NEOChem. Having a fully trained, qualified and result driven sales team can be identified as another reason behind the unwavering trust we have earned from our ever-loyal clientele.

And at NEOChem we always believe that the market is dynamic and therefore we always tend to foresee the future with proper planning which will help us as well as our clientele for the continuation of its operations. NEOChem keeps a close eye on the rapidly evolving world market and analyzes it to find what is adaptable to our own country which will help us to deliver our promises.