Perfumery today mostly is an art. It is a critical aesthetic component in most personal care and household products. Consumers shopping for a personal care or household product will invariably smell it, and this is the only assessment that can be made in a store. Therefore, your product's uniqueness is important to be successful in the industry. Thus, we are dedicated to our clients to supply unique and durable fragrances where they can gain competitive advantage in the market.

We are representing some of the leading fragrance houses in Sri Lanka to facilitate the finest solution that is required for Sri Lankan manufactures. Fragrances are unique to each customer and products. By understanding the requirements of our valued customer, we are committed to provide customized solutions based on the demand while protecting their values and own uniqueness.

Fragrance Notes

Perfumes are a complex composition of chemicals mixed with natural or synthetic ingredients. Notes are different identifiable smells that make a fragrance.

Head note (top)

This is the first notes receiving after applying a perfume. They consist of the most volatile compounds, which evaporate quickly. They introduce the fragrance to serve as a first impression.

Fruity, citrus, aldehydic, raspberry, apple, peach, orange

Heart note (middle)

These are transitory notes that linger as the base becomes perceptible. As the top notes fade away, the middle notes tend to emerge.

Floral, Aquatic, Rose, Lily, frangipani

Base notes (bottom)

Base notes are the foundation of a fragrance. They provide a fragrance’s durability and can usually last for several house

Woody, musky, Ambery