The perfect cup of tea brewed with the world's finest; Ceylon tea is the enchantment that will fill your cup. With the mark of ancient heritage, We are proud to be a solution provider for one of the major revenue sources in the country. Strategic approach with value addition will automatically attract the customer and we will support our customers with right technical knowledge with quality products.

Our expertise team always provides the finest solutions to the customer along with added knowledge from principals. Neochem strengthens with the following,

  • Warehouse facility with treatment facility
  • Facilitated under TIEP
  • Professional logistic team
  • Wide range of sample libraries in order to support NPD request of customers
  • Ex Stock maintenance
  • World new trends sharing and help customer to select the right taste profile according the requirement

Neochem has been a supporting hand to local spices and herbs farmers, we position their courage in the right position with the deserved value.

Range of products we offer