Chathura Piyasekara

Managing Director

NEOChem was born as the brainchild of Mr. Chathura Piyasekara, a visionary marketer by profession and a research scientist by qualification with over 15 years of experience in chemical industry. He obtained his Chemistry Special Degree from University of Peradeniya and he had the burning desire and interest in him to explore further on how chemicals can be used ethically and safely in industrial applications. Later he obtained his master’s degree in Business Management from University of Peradeniya. With his experience in chemical industry Mr. Piyasekara is positively supporting the government & other industries as a member of several advisory boards and committees.

Deepal De Alwis

General Manager

Deepal is an outstanding Sales Administration Strategist who is professionally qualified in Marketing, Management and Communications. He has over 34 years of experience in various fields and as the General manager, he is a main driving force behind the NEOChem professional teams. In addition to his knowledge and experience in Business Administration and People Management he is an experienced marketer who has introduced, developed and promoted such well-known brands as Samaposha both globally and locally. NEOChem benefits greatly from his past experience and in-depth knowledge and valuable affiliations in the market.

Suranga Madushan Hewage

Finance Manager

Suranga is the brains behind end-to-end finance operations at NEOChem and he oversees the team of Accounting Professionals. He has handled the NEOChem Finance Department very efficiently for the past five years doing financial planning and analysis and balance sheet reconciliations etc. providing necessary insights into the financial status of the company and the market. The information he provides ensures critical improvements to all procedures and controls, as well as any ad-hoc projects and requests as and when they come up.

Harshamali Priyadarshani Vidana

Manager Sales & Marketing-PC

Harshamali, who has been with NEOChem since the inception, sits at the crow’s nest of NEOChem looking for technological and financial opportunities and she develops strategic plans by studying those opportunities. She advises the NEOChem board by presenting her analysis and recommending objectives. She has many industry relevant qualifications including an MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and she is responsible for the accomplishments in subsidiary objectives by establishing plans, budgets and measurement of results. She uses her experience and expertise in allocating resources efficiently and economically, reviewing progress of ongoing projects and effecting necessary mid-course corrections.

Prasad Muthukumarana

Manager Sales & Marketing-PC

Prasad plays a leading role at NEOChem with his experience as a manager of sales and marketing over a decade of time. The market knowhow and the analytical skills he has gained over these years drives NEOChem to be a leading supplier in the chemical industry at present. His perceptions on market behavior helps NEOChem to find solutions for the unsought needs in the industry which keeps NEOChem at the first place through the market rivalry.