Flavor is the sensory impression of food and it is determined mainly by the senses of smell and taste. Flavors add essence to life. They have always been significant in adding the extra zing and taste to what we essentially eat. Flavors are what bring the 'YUM' factor to our entire food experience, turning daily meals to treats. The right mix of flavors in food is what appeals to people of all ages. Some of our most profound memories are attached with food we taste. We develop unique flavor experiences that deliver your brand promise to consumers.

Neochem represents world’s leading flavor houses and works directly with experienced flavorists to bring you the best flavor experiences. We always look for creative, spontaneous, charismatic, passionate Flavorists around the globe, which supports the creation of the exact flavor solutions that suit our local palette.

At Neochem we offer a wide assortment of unique flavours: natural or nature identical, liquid, powder or encapsulated, for all the food applications. Our team of food scientists are capable of creative & proactive food concept development & carrying out sensory evaluations for all applications at our state of art food laboratory.

Neochem, with the collaboration with our global flavor network, transfers the knowledge to our local manufacturers of new global /trends, market insights, health and wellness insights, budget efficiency factors, newest multisensorial experiments and to being more natural, to encourage creating the next bold step in innovation within them. This in turn has been the stepping stone to the development and introduction of some remarkable food products which have benefited the local market and put Sri lanka.