Fundamentally NEOChem is not yet another chemical supplier or reseller. Our main objective is supporting the development of the current chemical and research industry in the island by being a Technical Solutions Provider. Therefore, our products and services are different from the general chemical trader. They are unique due to the fact that we introduce novelties in the form of value enhancements by adding extra ‘claims’ to the clients' products.

NEOChem has always been endeavoring to be an integral part of the lives of all of our fellow countrymen each passing day; to touch their lives through the safe and healthy additives in the food they eat, through the personal care items they use or through so many other items which are too numerous to individually mention here - and we strive to enhance the quality of their lives, to make them safer, healthier and happier by playing our backstage role in improving and certifying the quality of the daily essentials they consume or use on daily basis

We identify the risk factors and potentially harmful ingredients that go into the products in these industries and we conduct extensive research in our laboratories with the support of our foreign principals with a view to introduce new products or alternatives, which are safer for humans in application and eco-friendlier in production, to replace existing products and also to enhance them.

In addition, we work on special projects with our clients on product introductions and conversions which are novel, safer, more convenient and more economical.

However, out of all the industries we cater for, we pay particular attention to Food, Personal Care and Life Science Industries, as they are very critical to human life. Life Science Industry is the most rapidly evolving and heavily invested industry in the world today; especially the research carried out on food, drug and infectious/noninfectious diseases