Neochem Business Line Food & Beverage is a leading food flavor and ingredients distributor and a prominent provider of technical concept and product development Services for business partners in the beverage, dairy, confectionery and bakery, nutritional supplements, processed food and Tea industries.

We provide food and beverage flavors and ingredients to manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, ranging from food raw materials to food additives and institutional products.

We help our customers to develop new innovative products and applications in collaboration with our valuable suppliers and our team of specialized staff.

What Neochem can do for you

With our long-standing business contacts and strategic market insight, we provide new and alternative sources for innovative food ingredients and food additives that help drive your business success. Through our comprehensive global network, which gives instant access to markets around the world, we provide responsible and traceable sourcing of hard-to-find food ingredients and raw materials.

We develop tailor-made new products, formulations and breakthrough applications in collaboration with our team of specialized staff from our dedicated innovation centers. Our market insight and broad overview enables us to scout for long-term trends in products and technology beyond short-lived fashions.

We provide all the required marketing and sales services as well as distribution and inbound logistics for companies lacking a global footprint.

What We Offer

Additives are used in food to improve the keeping quality of a food by making it last longer on the shelf or in the fridge, or improve the taste or appearance of processed food. At Neochem we provide our clients with the raw materials that formulate their products with high quality – in a nutshell we are the ‘source’ of what makes your food look better and taste better. With the expertise of worldwide best manufacturers, we always attempt to create customized solutions in order to support local manufacturers with the right solution to overcome challenges. Our inhouse food technicians conduct trials everytime in order to propose the next solution for your next challenge in product development.

Our wide range of high quality & economical food additives support the manufacture of the best quality products, while giving you a healthier option. At Neochem we make your healthier lifestyle our responsibility, with our range of fat replacers, sugar replacers (sweeteners), animal product replacers and MSG replacers.

Neochem attributes rapid growth and popularity to our emphasis on providing only high-quality products on a consistent basis from approved sources. This, along with competitive prices and the maintenance of abundant warehouse inventories, with the support of capable and professional logistic service has stimulated ever-growing confidence from our customers.

Our range of raw materials are used for the following function offerings