Category Product Description Active content
Surfactant/ co- surfactant / foam boosters
Personal care/ home care SLES Sodium laureth sulphate 70
Personal care ALES Amonium laureth sulpate 70
Personal care/ home care CDEA Cocamide diethanolamine 85
Personal care/ home care CAPB cocamido propyl betain 35
Personal care/ home care SLS powder Sodium lauryl sulphate 96
Personal care/ home care SLS needle Sodium lauryl sulphate 96
Personal care polysorbate 80 Polyoxyethylene (80)
sorbitan monooleate
Personal care polysorbate 20 Polyoxyethylene (20)
sorbitan monooleate
Solvent/ PH modifiers
Home care IPA ISOproplyl alcohol 99
personal care IPM Isoproplyl myristate 99
personal care/ home care TEA Tri Ethanol Amine 99
Emulsifiers/ Co-Emulsifiers /fatty alcohols
personal care Ceteareth-20 PEG-20 cetostearyl alcohol 99
personal care Cetyl alcohol Hexadecyl alcohol 99
personal care Cetostearyl alcohol Octadecyl alcohol 99
personal care Stearyl alcohol 1-octadecanol 99
personal care GMS 90 Glycerol monostearate 99
personal care EGDS (perlizing agent) Ethylene glycol destearte 99
personal care Ginowax (Emulsifying wax) Cetearyl alcohol and Polysorbate 60 99
personal care PEG 100 polyethylene glycol-100 99
personal care PEG 150 polyethylene glycol-150 99
personal care Flocare ET 30 AMPS / sodium acrylate copolymer 57.5
personal care Flocare ET 76 Sodium acrylate polymer 57.5
personal care Elfacos ST 9 PEG-45 /Dodecyl glycol polymer >99
personal care Elfacos ST 37 PEG-22 /Dodecyl glycol copolymer >99
Preservative/ Anti-Microbial agent
Home care/personal care DMDM Hydenation Dimethyl Dimethylol Hydantoin 56
Home care/personal care Benzylkonium cloride Alkyldimethylbenzyl amonium chloride 80 & 50
Home care/personal care Triclosan Dichlorophynoxy phenol 99
Personal care PCMX Para Chloro Meta Xylenol 99
Personal care Chlorhexidine Gluconate Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20
Personal care Phenoxyethanol Ethylene glycol monophenyl ether 99
Homecare Triameen Y12D Dipropylene triamine 100
Silicon blends 98
Personal care/ home care/ car care Dimethicone 1000 Dimethicone 1000 98
Personal care Dimethicone and dimethiconal Dimethicone and dimethiconal 98
Personal care Cyclopentasiloxane Cyclopentasiloxane 98
Home care/ car care Silicon emulsion Silicon emulsion 60
Personal care Reshine PTM Phenyl trimethycone
Chelating agents
Home care/ car care Dissolvine NA Tetra sodium EDTA 98
personal care Dissolvine NA2 Disodium EDTA 98
Personal care/homecare GLDA Cetearyl alcohol and Polysorbate 60 47
Conditioning agents
Personal care Cationic guar Guarhydroxypropyl ammonium chloride 100
Personal care Polyquat 7 Polyquaternium 7 MW8000-16000
Personal care Resoft 400 polyquaternium 10 MW 300-400
Personal care Celquate 240C polyquaternium 10 MW 300-400
Personal care Resoft 39 polyquaternium 39
Whitening/ anti-acne/ anti-aging agents
Personal care Kojic acid Kojic acid dipalmitat
Personal care Niacinamide Vitamin B3 99
Personal care Azelaic acid Azelaic acid 95
Personal care Alpha arbutin AC Alpha arbutin AC 99
Personal care 3-o-Ethyl ascorbic acid AC-VCE 3-o-Ethyl ascorbic acid AC-VCE 98
Personal care Sodium ascorbyl phosphate ( AC-Sap) Sodium ascorbyl phosphate ( AC-Sap) 95
Personal care Hydroxypinacolone retinoate AC-HPR Hydroxypinacolone retinoate AC-HPR
Film formers
Personal care Amaze XT Dehydroxanthun gum 100
Personal care Amphomer Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/butylaminoetthyl methacrylate copolymer 100
Personal care Amphomer HC Octylacrylamide copolymer 100
Personal care Balance RCFG Acrylates copolymer 29-31
Personal care Celquat H-100 Polyquaternium-4 100
Personal care Dermacryl E Styrene/ Acrylates copolymer 44-46
Aesthetic modifiers
Personal care Dry Flo PC Aluminum starch octynylsuccinate 100
Personal care Dry Flo pure Aluminum starch octynylsuccinate 100
Personal care Dry Flo TS Tapioca starch (and) polymethylsilsesquinone 100
Personal care Purity 21C pure Zea mays (Corn) starch 100
Personal care Tapioca pure Tapioca starch 100
Rheology Modifiers
Personal care Amaze XT Dehydroxanthun gum 100
Personal care Balance RCFG Acrylates copolymer 29-31
Personal care Elfacos GT 282s Ceteareth 60 myristyl glycol 100
Personal care Structure sonance Potato starch modified 100
Personal care Structure XL Hydroxypropyl starch phospate 100
Personal care Structure zea Hydroxypropyl starch phospate 100
Skin conditioner/ moisturizer/ humectant
Personal care Allantoin Allantoin
Personal care/ home care Glycerin Glycerin BP/USP 99
Personal care Sodium PCA Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate, SpecKare 50
Personal care AC-GG Glyceryl Glucoside 55
Personal care Celquat SC 240C Polyquaternium 10 100
Personal care Armocare G114 Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride 100
Personal care Armocare VGH-70 Dipalmitoylethyl dimonium chloride 70
Personal care Elfamoist AC Acetamidoethoxyethanol 100
Personal care Hydrovance Hydroxyethyl urea 50
Natural scrubbers
Personac care Almond shell
Personac care Avocado stone
Personac care Argan shell
Personac care walnut shell
Natural oil/ extract
Personal care Almond Seed Oil
Personal care Black Pepper Oil
Personal care Black Seed Oil
Personal care Clove Oil
Personal care Coffee Oil
Personal care Flaxseed Oil
Personal care Ginger Oil
Personal care Nutmeg Oil
Personal care Black Sesame Oil
Personal care Turmeric Oil
Personal care Wild Turmeric Oil
Personal care Tamanu Oil
Personal care peppermint oil
Personal care Lemongrass oil
Personal care Vetiver oil
Personal care palmarosa oil
Personal care davana oil
Personal care/Home care Dx SF-3 Acrylate copolymer 30
Personal care/Home care Repoly-100 Acrylate copolymer 35
Personal care Balance RCFG Acrylate copolymer 30
Personal care Elfacos GT 282S Ceteareth 60 myristyl glycol 100
Personal care/ home care Colors and pigments