What is a Wetting Agent?

A wetting agent is a surfactant that can reduce the surface tension of water and the wetting angle between substrate and liquid. Generally it has hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts. This specific structure self-orientates the additives at the surface, reducing the surface tension of the liquid paint, the polar part stays in the liquid and the nonpolar part orientates at the surface. The use of a correct wetting agent in your application will reduce the craters, ghosting, and bubbling due to air entrapped during application and weak adhesion and crawlings. On the other hand it improves the end product quality of your product.

As a leading raw material supplier in Sri Lanka, Neochem provides high quality wetting agents for your paints and coating applications. Based on the type of your application we have a range of wetting agents to add the best wetting properties to the product. In order to increase the penetrating properties of the product, we offer penetrating agents also in addition to wetting agents.


  • Aqueous coatings
  • Non aqueous coatings
  • Construction coatings
  • As Dyeing auxiliary for apparels