Three, two, one, blast off!

Neochem Group launches Neochem LifeScience Pvt Ltd...

It’s a big day for us at Neochem Group. We launched our sister business: Neochem LifeScience Pvt Ltd – a new kind of exclusive product and technology supply company that focuses on enhancing the research industry in Sri Lanka.

Our chief guest Prof. Neelika Malavige cut the ribbon and lit the traditional oil lamp along with the other distinguished guests. We are so grateful to all our guests who came out to support us at our Grand Opening ceremony.

We’ve seen the direct results of creating places that are experience-driven. They are characterful, activated and buzzing with people and life.

With this goal in mind, we have created a brand new office for Neochem Lifescience team in the heart of Pelawatta as a dedicated company that focuses on the evolving research industry in the country to deliver the lacking support for researchers.

Launching our sister business will enable The Neochem Group to focus on delivering highquality Chemicals, Consumables, General to Hi-tech lab instruments and the technology support. Our goal is to keep this business growing, with great consultants who understand how to apply creative and technical product & technology knowledge to all the research requirements.

The split between Neochem group and Neochem Lifescience will enable the Lifescience team to focus their energies on the specific needs of their clients.