NEOChem International Pvt LTD is an ISO certified company with 12+ years of experience in supplying chemicals and equipment for various manufacturing industries in Sri Lanka and providing Technical Solutions with a unique business approach based on ‘Proactive Product and Concept Development’ while introducing extra claims to clients’ products which make the end users safer, healthier and happier. NEOChem markets a broad range of high quality and unique products including food flavours, fragrances, colours and a wide range of specialty chemicals to address the growing demand especially in critical industries such as Food, Personal Care and Polymer by being the ‘one and only supplier’ who provide the 'entire' range of the products to fulfill the varying needs of our customers.

To cater to this ever growing market demand, we have partnered with world renowned ingredient manufacturers to ensure the delivery of the products customers look for at the right time with the right quality. In Sri Lanka we have a widespread client base comprising both public and private sector organizations and we have become the most preferred ingredient and technical solution provider for most of the Blue-Chip companies in SriLanka.

The unique business approach of Proactive Product Development and dedication to quality as certified by highest standards such as ISO 9001 – 2015 have won NEOChem an unparalleled place above the competition. Our ability to advise clients and principals alike about the market conditions is another strength which will drive us to offer a best of class experience for our clientele with our highly qualified, well experienced and totally dedicated team of professionals. NEOChem has been able to mark its position in the chemical industry in SriLanka over a short period as we always believe in innovations and come up with solutions for the unseen requirements in the market.


For over a decade, Neochem has strived to create value through its diversified, market-driven portfolio of Speciality chemicals and technical solutions for manufacturing industries in Srilanka

NEOChem International Pvt LTD, incorporated in 2009, is an ISO certified company with a unique vision “to be the most sought-after Technical Solutions Provider for manufacturing industries in Sri Lanka”.

NEOChem rapidly grew in size and strength from its humble beginning. Having launched our operations as a supplier of imported chemicals, we expanded our scope targeting diversified manufacturing industries within a short period of time. With the rapid growth of the market demand NEOChem now plays a major role in the B-to-B market by providing innovative product and technical solutions to all market segments.

NEOChem has become well known in these segments and highly regarded by them as the ‘one and only supplier’ who provide the 'entire' range of their requirements, by sorting unsought needs in the market. NEOChem specializes in supplying food flavours, fragrances, colours and a wide range of specialty chemicals. NEOChem is the only provider of the exclusive service of ‘Proactive Concept Development’ and this innovative approach has been widely accepted by various manufacturers within the industries such as Food & Beverage, Personal Care & Cleaning, Rubber, Plastic, Printing, Textile, Construction and Paint.

Today NEOChem is a widely expanded conglomerate leading the chemical solution arena with its unique approach.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in our industry by 2025, by challenging the status quo and constantly exploring new ideas while providing sustainable, environmentally friendly, long lasting solutions and committing to build stakeholders’ value.

Our Mission

Establishments of a sustainable global offer through, identification and tailoring the advancements to the local demand and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by identifying the dynamic market requirements


Our Product Portfolio

NEOChem has become well known and highly regarded as the ‘one and only supplier’ who provide the 'entire' range of raw materials for manufacturing industries in SriLanka. NEOChem specializes in supplying food flavors, fragrances, colors and a wide range of specialty chemicals for Food, Personal care, Cleaning, Rubber & Plastic, Construction, Textile & Pharmaceutical Industries. We always ensure our customers that the products we offer are always in compliance with the highest standards to meet their requirements.

Personal Care

Neochem supplies cosmetic ingredients/ raw materials to manufacturers in the personal care industry in the skin care, hair care, color cosmetics, oral care and sun care Categories. We help our customers to develop new innovative products, formulations and applications in collaboration with our valuable global suppliers and our team of specialized staff.

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Cleaning and Fabric care

Neochem develops cleaning products designed for a wide variety of applications and supply all the required specialty ingredients and fragrances for all types of formulations. For general households, these include cleaning products for clothes, kitchens, and general home care, Fabric softeners, Car & Air care products, and many others. Outside the home, we also provide comprehensive solutions for Industrial cleaning, mainly with cleaning and sterilizing technology

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Fragrance Oils

As a creatively driven fragrance oils supplier, Neochem is dedicated to the design of high quality, unique fragrances across a broad range of market categories. Our multi-faceted expertise helps customers with unique scent solutions, including air care, personal care, household products and institutional products.

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Foods Flavors

Neochem is recognized as a leader in its industry, supplying high quality, custom designed flavors to many of the top companies in the food, dairy, confectionary , baking, beverage and pharmaceutical industries,

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Food Additives

Neochem supplies specialty food ingredients for a range of industries including Dairy, Bakery, Beverage, Confectionary & Culinary. Our strong technical expertise allows us to service our customers by providing Additive Solutions throughout the life cycle of our customers’ products. Our particular strength lies in our ability to provide technical expertise and support our customers during product development, application, and production phases

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Herbal Infusions for Tea

The herbal infusion tea brands made out of our ingredients have a beautiful combination of the elegance of spices, herbs and their amazing functional ability. Neochem Supplies a range of Herbal infusions, elegant in terms of its clarity and brightness and is beautifully rich, both in its taste and fragrance.

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Paint & Coating

Neochem provides the ideal solutions for your paint and coating to end it up with high quality products. We offer you the best additives and all types of raw materials by engaging with world-renowned suppliers.

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We have engaged with world renowned manufacturers to offer the best solutions for construction products. We are supplying raw materials for Construction Paints, Concrete admixtures, Grouts, Tile adhesives, Waterproofing Paints and all types of construction chemicals. Beyond the existing product portfolio, we are committed to supply any specialty chemical for your construction products according to your specifications.

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Rubber & Plastic

Neochem Internationals as the solution provider for the polymer industry supplies all types of raw materials for the Rubber industry. Our product portfolio includes Pigments, dyes, resins for supported and unsupported gloves, Mould release agents for moulded rubber products, Activators, Anti-oxidants, Paraffin oils and too many specialty chemicals for your rubber products.

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Department of Animal Feed

With our long-standing business relationships and strategic market insight, We provide new and alternative sources for innovative feed ingredients and feed additives that help drive your business success.

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